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Job Type:
  Assignment Specific
Job Region:
  Western Region
Start Date:
  June 2019
  10+ Months
Job Description

Cost Engineer II

Develop budget cost estimates for turnaround and/or project work as required. Perform cost tracking, analysis, and develop “forecast at completion” cost estimate, Provide cost reports as per owner’s requirements.


Responsible to perform duties as assigned by the Cost Engineer, Cost Accountant, or owner’s designated representative related to the overall preparation and control of all project and turnaround costs. In particular:

Cost tracking, analysis, and development of “forecast at completion” cost estimate, Provide cost reports as per owner’s requirements.

• Participate in the Turnaround Cost Execution Plan development
• Jointly develop performance appraisal criteria to measure contractor actual vs. estimated costs
• Determine overhead and administrative costs to be applied
• Determine warehouse restocking charge philosophy
• Develop job cost management execution plan
• Establish Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) and integrate with WBS
• Develop job cost estimates as work orders/plans are received
• Develop average job cost rates for estimating, if required
• Develop preliminary turnaround or project cost from job estimates
• Set up vendor files and collect contracts
• Prepare Budget forms and AFE requests from estimates as required
• Integrate job package estimates into Cost Breakdown Structure codes
• Review all PO’s as issued for cost committed and T&C analysis
• Verify other committed cost information against contract terms & conditions
• Collect daily warehouse material issues and repair receipts
• Enter all project committed cost data into system
• Attend daily planning meetings, note progress and change orders
• Adjust forecast to reflect change orders and other variances
• Conduct random quantity survey of daily information received
• Conduct random audit of contractor personnel and compare to field force reports
• Collect and enter all committed costs – labor, equipment, and materials
• Analyze cost data and forecast final cost per project by work order by vendor
• Report turnaround and project actual vs. baseline cost status as required
• Report earned value per vendor and identify trends that impact the final cost projections
• Create Forecast At Completion (FAC), Estimate To Complete (ETC) reports
• Post shutdown
• Prepare final cost report to client
• Participate in turnaround / project critique of cost with client

• Abides by all safety procedures and practices applicable to location and position; participates in appropriate safety training; demonstrates commitment to and support of SH&E principles and values; champions safety as necessary

Assignment Specific:

  • 5+ years experience in a refinery/petrochemical facility
  • Mob/Demob available for eligible candidates
  • Per Diem available for eligible candidates
  • Furlough available for eligible candidates
  • Western Region


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