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Job Type:
  Assignment Specific
Job Region:
  Mid-West Region
Start Date:
  April 2019
  1+ Years
Job Description

T/A Field Engineer


The TA Field Engineer is responsible for technical assistance and development of reliability based turnaround design packages and technical problem resolution during all phases of a unit turnaround. The TA Field Engineer assists in engineering reviews, calculations, recommendations and implementation of scope items, problems and situations that occur during the normal course of a unit turnaround.

Job Duties

This person will:
• Report to the T/A Engineering Manager.
• Prior to the TA, work with the turnaround planning team to develop reliability based equipment and piping repair design packages with good, sound engineering practices.
• During the TA, work with turnaround crafts, forces, contractors and foreman to resolve issues and problems with good, sound engineering practices.
• Scope and develop appropriate engineering solution based upon requests that evolve during the phases of a turnaround.
• Resolve any scope problems that develop during the installation of a capital engineering project for each T/A with the help of the appropriate engineer.
• Work with the turnaround planners and estimators to implement engineering solutions in the most optimum time schedule, cost effectively, and with a technically sound approach.
• Use engineering resources available outside of T/A personnel to assist in problem resolution.
Note: This may require the use of appropriate engineering standards, industry codes and/or particular licenser/vendor literature and information.
• Provide information and recommendations to the T/A staff and their organizations concerning quality control and quality assurance issues implemented from best engineering practices and standards.
• Interface with the Operations and Maintenance organizations when major changes are recommended during the course of a turnaround.
Note: These major changes could be of substantial impact to the future operation and maintenance of the facility after the turnaround.
• Interface with the appropriate PSM Coordinator for Management of Change items that need review and approval prior to implementation.
• Document the information required to proceed with unit operations that are required by the management of change policy.

Assignment Specific:

  • Minimum 5 years experience within a refinery or petrochemical facility
  • Mob/Demob available to eligible candidates
  • Per diem available to eligible candidates
  • Furlough available to eligible candidates
  • Mid-West Region


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