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Job Type:
  Assignment Specific
Job Region:
  Southern/Gulf Coast Region
Start Date:
  June 2019
  6 Months
Job Description

Turnaround Logistics Coordinator


  • Plans & prepares all the temporary facilities for the execution of turnarounds for items such as:
    • Understanding of defined blast zones (blast curves, fire impingement)
    • Prepare plot plans for placement of all contractor housing facilities, unit facilities, laydown areas, scaffold yards, tool cribs, demolition area, large crane placement & parking (inside & outside of the refinery)
    • Unit access & flow of people.
  • Responsible for providing budget estimate at the appropriate turnaround milestones.
  • Works with Turnaround Construction Coordinator for the set up of all the temporary facilities.
  • Liaise with all departments & contractors working on the turnaround for the development of items required such as:
    • Trailer quantities for office staff, operations, supervision & foremen
    • Furniture requirements
    • Communication requirements such as computers, phones, radios, signage, etc.
    • Quantities & locations / placement of skid tanks, waste buckets, etc.
    • Temporary power requirements for contractor housing facilities & all unit temporary facilities for items such as dog houses, welding machines, lighting, etc.
  • Takes in environmental considerations for placement of spill trailers, cleaning trailers, asbestos, waste yards, pre-fabrication yards, etc.
  • Provides scopes of work for contractors to set up, maintain & dismantle temporary facilities for the turnaround.
  • Works with PSC (procurement specialist coordinator) for the setup of PO’s for contracting companies working on the temporary facilities.
  • On site contact for:
    • Facilities service contractors
    • Facilities specialty contractors
    • Temporary wash pad
  • Provides input on security & transportation issues such as busing or large equipment deliveries & staging areas.
  • Responsible for troubling shooting & providing input on facility issues that arise during the pre, execution & post turnaround activities.
  • Organize and schedule busing from the offsite parking lot into the Refinery for all Turnaround tradespeople
  • Organize with Waste Water Treatment the disposal of all FRAC tank waste
  • Organize and supply all rental equipment (welding machines, portable lights, scissor lifts, man lifts, fork trucks, rental trucks, etc.).
  • Organize and supply all breathing air equipment, continuous gas monitors, rescue and oversee the 3rd party contractor that washes all breathing air masks daily onsite.
  • Organize and supply all rental radios
  • Organize all of the onsite temporary electrical power supply needs
  • Organize and supply all offsite printing needs (specialized tags, etc.)
  • Work with the local police services to set up any required traffic control on the outside of the Refinery
  • Obtains fuel requirements for all jobs and coordinate fuel ordering and delivery from suppliers.
  • Organize all demolition post-TA

During the execution of the turnaround some key items that the Logistics Coordinator is responsible for are:

  • Maintaining the facilities.
  • Ordering all applicable supplies for maintaining the facilities.
  • Drinking water within the contractor housing facilities & unit facilities.
  • Oversee specialty cleaning service contractors.
  • Staging areas – keeping on top of this.
  • Temporary wash pad facilities.
  • Temporary lighting & unit lighting.
  • Manage the self service centers located within the facility
  • Tracks frequently moved equipment
  • Manages temporary equipment fueling

Assignment Specific:

  • 5+ Years experience
  • Local to Houston, TX area only
  • Southern/Gulf Coast Region


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